Rune stones are an ancient divination tool that legend says comes from the Norse god Odin. The story goes that Odin received the mystery of the runes after hanging from the world tree for nine days and nine nights. After he sacrificed himself, he was able to extract the wisdom of the runes. He then shared this gift with sorcerers and magicians, who used the power of the runes for divination and spell-casting.

I have been using and creating rune stones since I was a teenager. I am excited to have found a way to bring the magic of rune stones to all of my friends! Each set of rune stones is one-of-a-kind, using beautiful colour combinations and incorporating powerful crystals, metals, sparkle and shine. And they are created with love and intention, drawing the magic of the earth, the fairies, and the ancient spirit guides, to find the wisdom of knowing within yourself. Check out the gallery below!

With Love, Dayna <3